Sewer Service in Santa Clarita, CA

Sewer Service

Sewer Services Once Required Extensive Digging. Our Techniques Make Things Much Easier.

Your sewer line performs a major service for your home or business. As the channel that eliminates all waste from every drain, it can also cause major problems, however. In fact, sewer line trouble represents one of the most significant issues a building owner can face. Thankfully, you can receive unparalleled sewer service from the experts at On Call Plumbing. We use the latest techniques and equipment to perform fast, reliable sewer service in Santa Clarita, CA. Whether you need an inspection or major repairs, we are here to help. Give us a call today at 661-201-6016 to learn more or schedule any necessary work.

Sewer Repair and Replacement Services

Sewer Service

A Sewer Camera Inspection Allows Us to Spare Your Yard from an Invasive Trench.

When ranking plumbing issues, a serious sewer line problem appears as one of the worst. To keep your pipes in good repair and avoid these problems, there exist certain strategies to follow. Attention to early indicators serve as perhaps the most important strategy to maintain. Serious problems can reveal themselves ahead of time through the prevalence of clogs or slow drains.

Other indicators include fluctuating water levels in your toilets, an increase in pests, and unusually damp, green, or smelly patches in your yard. If you smell sewage, there’s definitely a problem. Try to call a plumber before things get too serious; after all, it could save you a lot of money in costly repairs down the line. At On Call Plumbing, we happily provide the following sewer line repair and replacement services.

  • Sewer Camera Inspection A sewer camera inspection provides a real-time view of the interior of your pipes. This makes it possible to diagnose problems without digging.
  • Trenchless Sewer Repair Two different varieties of trenchless sewer repair allow us to fix sewer line problems with tearing up a yard through extensive digging.

If you suspect a problem with one of your sewer lines, call us for an inspection! We will use a specially crafted video camera to see what’s causing a problem in your pipes. If the damage is severe, our skilled plumbers can provide trenchless sewer repair to minimize the cost and disruption. Traditional trenching methods can leave you with a huge trench through your yard and an even bigger hole in your wallet. Let our plumbers save you money and reduce the damage with trenchless repair and replacement techniques.

Sewer Cleaning Services

All sorts of things can contribute to a clog in your main sewer line, though the most common offender is tree roots. The roots can actually penetrate through and grow around your pipes, crushing and breaking them. If you have an older home with large trees, your chances of having sewer line damage are higher. However, even new homes can experience problems. From grease buildup to mere toilet paper, all sorts of things can wreak havoc in your pipes. Be conscious about what you flush or throw down the drain to prevent unnecessary problems! If you think you may be dealing with one of these issues, contact us for sewer cleaning.

Don’t procrastinate when it comes to sewer line repair, or you could end up with an even worse scenario. Call us today at 661-201-6016 if you need sewer service in Santa Clarita, CA or the surrounding area. On Call Plumbing is happy to work on both residential and commercial properties!