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Plumbing Services

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When the time comes to choose a residential plumber, you want a team that can take care of anything. At On Call Plumbing, we can provide plumbing services for any plumbing issue you might have. Whether you need work on your bathroom or kitchen plumbing, our team is here for you. No plumbing issue can prove too much for our certified staff and innovative tools.

We pride ourselves on being an affordable and honest plumbing company. We also care about the safety and comfort of your home, which is why we guarantee timely appointments that are quick and reliable. If you are needing plumbing services in Santa Clarita, CA, give us a call today at 661-201-6016!

Our Plumbing Services

As full-service plumbers we provide a wide range of services to our clientele. If you have slow or clogged drains, our drain cleaning and clogged drain repair can get things moving again. If your drains are slow because of a more serious problem, such as a sewer line obstruction, we offer trenchless repair services that will spare your yard from invasive digging. On the subject of more serious repairs, or slab leak service can prevent the development of major issues. As a slab leak remains active, it can eventually flood the lowest level of your home or business. We offer detection and repair to prevent this catastrophe.

As a specialist in residential plumbing, we have all the skills and services necessary to serve and protect your home. Have a leaky faucet? Do not let steady drips disrupt your peace of mind and raise your water bill! Call us for professional service, and you can count on a job done right. For major work such as repiping, we have the equipment, skill, and experience to render a flawless job. We also install and service plumbing-related appliances, including garbage disposals and toilets. For leaks large and small, our team offers swift detection and repair work. We can even install your home with a swamp cooler, an air conditioning alternative that can save you money on energy bills. For a full idea of our comprehensive services, browse the list below. If you do not see the plumbing work that you require, give us a call today. There’s a very good chance we can help you out.

  • Drain Cleaning If you have clogged or slow flowing drains, call the expert plumbers at On Call Plumbing today! Healthy drains are important to reliable residential plumbing.
  • Faucet and Sink Services Having a leaky faucet or sink can be frustrating, but On Call Plumbing is here to provide faucet and sink repairs and installations you can trust.
  • Garbage Disposals Garbage disposals play a crucial part in the function of our sinks. Contact On Call Plumbing for high-quality garbage disposal repairs and installations.
  • Leak Detection & Repairs At On Call Plumbing, we are dedicated to detecting and repairing any leaks in your home. We use state-of-the-art detection equipment to find your leaks.
  • Repiping If you have rust-colored water or low water pressure, we can provide repiping solutions you can trust. We also provide repiping in new and remodeled homes.
  • Slab Leak Repair & Detection If you’re dealing with a slab leak issue, we can detect the problem and repair it right away! The safety of your home is our biggest priority.
  • Swamp Coolers If you’re looking for an alternative to A/C, we offer swamp coolers that provide amazing comfort. These efficient cooling systems are low cost and eco-friendly.
  • Toilets If you are having a toilet issue, we can repair any problem. We will provide quality toilet repairs that can improve the efficiency of your toilet.
  • Water Softeners Remove hard water from your home with water softener installation. Improve your pipes, drains, toilets, and other fixtures with a quality water softener.
  • Residential Plumbing Company We are your local source for any residential plumbing repairs. From major jobs like repiping to small installations and repairs, trust On Call Plumbing.
  • Backflow Testing & Repair Backflow is a nasty situation in which water flows in reverse through your plumbing. We can both test your water for backflow and install a prevention device.
  • Trenchless Plumbing Repairs Trenchless plumbing repair allows for the restoration or replacement of sections of pipe without extensive digging. We specialize in two varieties of this work.
  • Water Filtration Systems A water filtration system can bring the benefits of clean, pure water to every tap in your house. We provide expert service and installation for these systems.
  • Water & Sewer Line Repair Problems with your water or sewer lines can quickly get out of hand. Call On Call Plumbing quickly for fast, professional repair services.
  • Clogged Drain Cleaning If drains around your home or business seem clogged, you can benefit from our professional clogged drain cleaning services.

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Plumbing Services

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For quality plumbing services in Santa Clarita, CA, call us today at 661-201-6016We know how frustrating residential plumbing problems can be, so we take the stress away and deliver repairs and installations that will last. On Call Plumbing believes everyone deserves exceptional plumbing, and we aim to accomplish that through our plumbing services.