Repair for Frozen & Burst Pipes

Burst Pipe

Our Trenchless Services Provide a Way to Repair Even Major Burst Pipes.

Burst pipes, while pretty common, are incredibly inconvenient. Before a burst pipe can cause too much chaos, make sure you understand how to turn off your water line. If you don't know how to shut off the water, you could be faced with some major water damages. If you are facing a burst pipe, swift action is the best bet, so don't waste even a minute!

Frozen pipes can also present a major problem. As temperatures fall, water in your pipes can freeze. Since water expands as it freezes to ice, the danger exists for burst pipes. At On Call Plumbing, we are the local answer for a frozen or burst pipe in Santa Clarita, CA. When you need immediate service, night or day, our expert, trusted plumbers are available. The next time you are in this unlucky position, call us at 661-201-6016.

What Causes a Burst Pipe?

Burst Pipe

Unless Repaired Quickly, Frozen Pipes That Spring a Leak Can Do Major Damage to a Home.

In spite of the availability of peerless maintenance from On Call Plumbing, no one can hope to prevent every burst pipe. As with any other plumbing-related issues, service and frequent inspections represent the means for avoidance. The rapid diagnosis and maintenance of troublesome areas can save you much stress. Knowledge in regards to the causes of burst piping can provide even more safeguards.

Pipe Clogs: Pipe clogs represent maybe the most frequent reason for sudden burst piping. Clogs that worsen can cause an increase in pressure inside of a pipe. A pipe will ultimately burst as the pressure rises. You can avoid this through scheduling repairs at the first sign of a slow drain or clog.

Temperature Extremes: Burst pipes also frequently happen from cold weather. Falling temperatures can create frozen water within pipes. Freezing water will expand in volume to cause burst pipes in the event of either a hasty, bitter freeze or prolonged cold temperatures. To lessen the chance that your pipes will freeze, you can drip your faucets throughout sub-zero temperatures, and wrap exposed piping in insulation.

Tree Roots: A questing tree root in search of water will occasionally pressurize or infiltrate a pipe. You can count on a subterranean leak and burst pipe if this happens. As a random circumstance, there is not much a homeowner can do to avert this.

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For a frozen or burst pipe in Santa Clarita, CA, phone our team at the first symptom. To decrease the devastation to your home and property, contact On Call Plumbing for immediate repairs. If you have any questions or needs for service, call our team now at 661-201-6016.