Does Your Home Need Slab Leak Repair?

Have you noticed a rise in your water bills, or suspicious moisture in your basement? It is very possible that your home has a slab leak. Today we will go over what you need to know about slab leak repair, in order to keep your home safe.

Finding Slab Leaks

water meter

Your Water Meter Is A Useful Tool For Detecting Leaks!

Unfortunately, slab leaks are one of the more destructive leaks because they are so hard to notice. If you wish to stay on top of water leaks, it is important that you pay close attention to your water bill every month, as well as stay alert to drastic fluctuations, as they almost always mean you have a leak. Slab leaks happen if the water line underneath your house’s concrete slab pops a leak, and in time, that leak will wreak significant damage to your slab as well as force its way up to your home. And while you can count on the slab leak to eventually make its way to the basement, it is much safer to detect it ahead of time and watch out for more extensive damages. The earlier you detect a slab leak, the quicker and more effective the repairs will be!

How To Check For Any Leaks In Your System: Turn off all of the water appliances in the home from time to time, and check the water meter. Any activity on the water meter when all of the water in your home is shut off, is a clear indication of a leak in the plumbing. 

Contact The Experts

Some amateurs may try to tear up your yard or start breaking into concrete to find slab leaks. Experienced plumbers have ways to find leaks before digging anywhere! So make sure you rely on the experts to assist you, and don’t let anyone start digging until the exact location of the leak has been found.

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