How Fix a Toilet That Keeps Running?

toilet in need of repair

What are the parts called inside a toilet?

The toilet – a basic fundamental fixture in every home. Seems simple enough, yet it can be the most complicated when you don’t know anything about toilet repair. When one is backed up or not draining, it isn’t always easy to get a plumber right then. So, every homeowner should have some knowledge of toilet repair basics. Believe it or not, there are some toilet repair tasks that anyone can do! 

The base of the toilet  attached to the floor with a wax ring and a flange. The wax ring is fitted in between the flange and the toilet base, creating a seal. Then two bolts are used to hold the flange in place. At the back, bottom of the tank is the water supply that is connected to the water coming from the wall. At this location, there is a shut off valve. 

A rocking toilet is typically going to be a toilet repair of tightening the two bolts at the flange, or possibly replacing the flange and the wax ring. Should the toilet be overflowing, the shut off valve on the wall at the back of the tank should be turned until a toilet repair is complete. 

This is all sounds simple so far, but now, we’re going to get inside the tank where all the working parts are, and it can be confusing and makes toilet repair seem overwhelming. The toilet flushes when the handle is pushed down. That causes the chain or trip lever inside the tank to raise up the flapper. With the flapper lifted, water is forced from the bowl to the sewer line and fresh water fills the tank once the flapper is down. 

The parts inside the toilet tank are: 

  • Trip lever: Inside the tank, you’ll see a metal bar connected to the flush handle inside the tank. This pulls the tank ball up and then the flapper is raised. 
  • The Flapper: There is a flat stop on the chain end that lifts each time the handle is pushed. The flapper keeps water from running constantly into the toilet bowl. 
  • The Fill Valve: Water comes from the supply line and flows into the tank through this fill valve. Water fills the tank and float rises with it. When that float reaches the fill valve top, the water stops filling the toilet.

How do you fix a toilet tank, can you replace the inside of a toilet?

Yes, toilet repair can be done by replacing each of the parts inside tank. They can be purchased in a kit or individually and should include instructions how to replace them. If not, you can always find a video online, and remember to always turn the water off at the shut off valve before starting any type of toilet repair.

For a  toilet repair without flapper that has water running nonstop, follow these steps: 

  • Step One: Remove the tank cover.
  • Step Two: Turn the water supply off to the toilet.
  • Step Three: Clean sludge from the drain valve by soaking it in vinegar for 30 minutes.
  • Step Four: Adjust the ballcock valve and float. 
  • Step Five: Adjust the chain length.
  • Steps Six: Adjust the water fill height by adjusting the float.
  • Steps Seven: Adjust the water level so that is below the overflow tube top. 

Can you replace just the tank of a toilet?

Yes, most toilet bowls and toilet tanks can be purchased separately. You want to make  sure you are getting the same manufacturing brand and style so that it has a proper fit and will function correctly. 

working toilet

How much water should be in your toilet bowl?

Most toilet tanks have a mark inside of the tank where the water level should stop. This is typically one to two inches below the fill valve and below the overflow tube.

With the information provided here and the may videos available today, a homeowner with basic DIY skills can do their own toilet repair and installation. Perhaps the easiest toilet repair, handle is easily replaced by detaching it from the trip lever and attach the new handle. This type of toilet repair can be done without shutting the water off at the valve. 

There are some toilet repairs that need the experience and skills of a professional plumber. However, by knowing the part and the small toilet repairs as we’ve discussed here, it will be easier on the pocketbook and in some cases, faster than waiting on the plumber. 

One toilet repair that you should always call a professional plumber is when you’re smelling gas or sewage odor coming from your toilet. This could be the wax ring has moved or it could be the sewage line. A busted sewage line isn’t something a homeowner should attempt to fix if they don’t have the experience. Call 661-201-6016 today for your toilet repair needs in Santa Clarita, CA.