Is a Clogged Drain an Emergency?

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What causes drain clogs?

Well, would you call a clogged drain an emergency?  If there were water running over and you couldn’t get the knob to turn the water off, yes. Definitely, that would be an emergency, but with knowledge for correct clogged pipe cleaning, done at the first sign of a clogged pipe, you wouldn’t find yourself in that position. 

This is what we’ll talk about today in this article.  What causes a pipe to get clogged and How to clear a clogged pipe. By learning about clogged pipe cleaning before you ever experience it, then it won’t become an emergency. It is still annoying, and if you’re wondering, ‘Can clogs be damaging?’, the answer is yes. Keep on reading! 

Problems with clogged drains can be serious if not addressed early on and can require the services of a  professional plumber. With proper clogged pipe cleaning practices, and avoiding the following list of items, this won’t happen. Fortunately, clogged pipe cleaning the issues that cause clogged pipes can be resolved easily by you with some basic tools. Here are the most common causes of a clogged drain. 

  1. Hair
  2. Soap
  3. Dirt
  4. Fat, grease, oil
  5. Food 
  6. Diapers and wipes
  7. Foreign objects
  8. Feminine products 
  9. Cotton swabs
  10. Cat litter
  11. Leaves, plants, tree roots
  12. toilet paper
  13. Mineral build-up
  14. Offset pipes

Can Coke unclog a drain?

Seems odd, but yes, coke can unclog a drain and is of several DIY remedies to try before you call the plumber. Keep in mind, if you keep trying DIY remedies and you’re not having any luck, the longer you wait, the worse that clog could be getting. You could also be doing more damage than good too, but it doesn’t hurt to try these two DIY  clogged pipe cleaning tricks: 

Coca-Cola or Pepsi: Both are hard on enamel as dentist warns. They are both excellent at defeating a clogged drain too because of strong dissolving agents.  How do you use these products for clogged pipe cleaning? 

  • Let a two liter bottle of either one become room temperature.
  • Pouring the whole bottle  down the drain
  • Allow it to fizz for two hours as it works its corrosive power
  • Run hot water for a few minutes

The phosphoric acid in these beverage will break down the buildup that causing clogged drains! This isn’t a DIY remedy that plumbers like everyone to know about because, well, it keeps homeowners from calling them!  An effective home remedy using a refreshing beverage! 

 A Plunger: When your bathtub or sink becomes too clogged for a Coke or Pepsi to clear, then get the old fashioned plunger out and try these steps. 

  • Completely cover the drain with the plunger
  • With rapid motion, press and pull for 30 to  35 seconds
  • If water slowly begins to drain, add more water then plunge another 30 to 35 seconds
  • If water begins to drain fast, you’ve conquered the clog

While these are good DIY home remedies, and if the plunger method didn’t work, then call your plumber. 

What to use to unclog pipes?

With the following techniques, you can do your own clogged pipe cleaning and save that money you’d pay a plumber for something more fun! 

Unclogging Tools: We’ve already covered the plunger method. Another tool is a drain snake that can be purchased at any home improvement store and is a great back up with the plunger isn’t doing a clogged pipe cleaning. This tool is a  flexible, long piece of steel called an auger and has a handle on the other end.  

  • Feed the auger end of the snake down the drain
  • Spin and twirl the auger as you insert it into the drain snake
  • After it has gone as far as it will, begin to pull it out slowly

 This technique will break-up the clogging debris, and sometimes takes two or three rounds of this process. 

 How do you unclog a drain pipe without a snake?

Non-Chemical Solution: No need to buy over-the-counter chemical products. Using baking soda, vinegar, and water is economical, eco-friendly, and effective at clogged pipe cleaning.

  • Pour one pot of boiling water down in the drain.
  • Pour half a cup of baking soda down the drain
  • Let this sit for five  minutes.
  • Pour a solution of one cup vinegar and one cup boiling water. 
  • Let this sit for ten minutes.
  • Pour another  pot of boiling water down the drain
recently cleaned drain

How do I clean clogged underground drain pipes?

Gutters are a wonderful thing to have on your home, until they become clogged.  Underground gutter drains are attached to the downspouts to move water away from your home’s foundation underground. Even though you can’t see them, they need to be cleaned periodically and when they aren’t they become clogged.  The following steps will keep them clean and also get the clogged pipe cleaning accomplished. 

  1. Pull the underground drain away from the downspout.
  2. Place the auger end of the drain snake into the underground drain.
  3. Turn the auger handle clockwise, extending the auger.
  4. When the handle becomes hard to turn, you’ve found the clog.
  5. Now reverse the turning and slowly pulling the auger out.
  6. Repeat this process several times.
  7. Flush the underground drain with your garden hose. 
  8. If the water isn’t flowing out the other end, repeat the process again. 

As soon as you notice a drain isn’t draining, that is the time to perform one of the non-tool tricks we’ve discussed.  With weekly pre clogged pipe cleaning, you can avoid these panic moments. When you do have a clogged drain that can’t be cleared using any of these steps, calling your plumber is the best solution. Call 661-201-6016 today for your clogged pipe cleaning in Santa Clarita, CA.