Clogged Shower Drain Cleaning

Clogged Shower Drain

A Simple Trap Installed Over Your Shower Drain Can Help Prevent Hair Clogs.

Few daily rituals are as pleasant as a nice, hot shower. Unfortunately, a clogged shower drain can ruin this experience, and leave you ankle-deep in standing water. Since showers are designed to drain as they flow, a clog in your pipe can present an especially frustrating problem. At On Call Plumbing, we provide fast, reliable service for the repair of a clogged shower drain. Though numerous issues can cause the problem, we generally identify the culprit from among a small group of habitual offenders.

On Call Plumbing provides a host of services for the repair of clogged drains around your home. One of the most problematic drains is that in your shower. Since a slow drain can make a shower downright unpleasant, do not hesitate to call us for service. Unlike home remedies that may or may not work, our professional repairs will certainly have your shower drain cleaned out. For all problems with a clogged shower drain in Santa Clarita, CA, call us today at 661-201-6016.

Causes of a Clogged Shower Drain

Clogged Shower Drain

Evidence of Hard Water Will Also Appear on Your Shower Head.

The most common reasons for a clogged shower drain occur inadvertently. In order to prevent their frequent recurrence, you should familiarize yourself with these typical problems.

Hair and Dead Skin Cells: Most people fail to realize the sheer quantity of hair and skin cells that flush down your shower. The average person can shed hundreds of strands of hair throughout a typical shower, along with millions of dead skin cells. Each of these can collect in abundance within a drain, and create conditions ripe for a clog.

Hard Water: Mineral deposits in your water can collect within a shower drain and narrow the circumference of pipes. This can result in a slow drain, or even a total clog if the situation becomes severe enough. To prevent the problems associated with hard water, consider the installation of a water softener.

Trash: Multi-tasking is common in the shower, especially in the mornings. If you find yourself regularly brushing your teeth or shaving in the shower, take care to not drop razors or toothpaste caps down the drain. These seemingly insignificant items can cause major blockages in your pipes.

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If you have a persistently clogged shower drain, don’t waste your time with home remedies. Instead, call the expert team at On Call Plumbing for fast, professional service. We can not only repair your clogged shower drain but identify the culprit to prevent future problems. For all issues with a clogged shower drain in Santa Clarita, CA, call us now at 661-201-6016.