Signs You May Have a Sewer Line Problem

sewer line problem

Invasive tree roots will occasionally clog sewer pipes.

Sewer line issues can create major trouble for your plumbing. In fact, when you consider the messiest and most disruptive type of plumbing repairs, a sewer line problem lands near the top. You always want to take care of sewer line problems before they get out of hand. Pay attention to the following symptoms, and do not hesitate to call for service.

Slow Drains

All of a home’s drains empty into the sewer line. A clog or obstruction in this line will therefore create repercussions around the house. If you have multiple drains that run slowly, you may have identified a sewer line problem. Clogs in the sewer line will always require professional repair. Do not let them worsen, and call for assistance today.

Bad Smells

If waste begins to back up within your sewer line, you may experience bad smells around your house and yard. Sewage and methane simply have no escape in the event of a totally clogged sewer line. A significant problem, this level of obstruction should receive attention immediately.

Yard Patches

Odd patches within your yard can indicate sewer problems beneath the surface. A leaking sewer line will act as fertilizer for your grass and surrounding vegetation. If you notice inordinately green patches in your lawn, then you probably have a sewer line issue. A sudden appearance of pests, including rodents and insects, can indicate a similar problem.

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