Typical Causes for a Burst Pipe

Burst PipeWe all understand how a burst pipe can spell major trouble for any property. It’s an unexpected and, most certainly, unwelcomed occurence that no one wants to deal with. Although there are some precautionary steps that a property owner can take to ensure that their plumbing systems stays in decent shape, there are some causes that are just inevitable. Check out some of the most typical causes for a burst pipe that you just can’t always avoid.

  • Collapsed pipes: This can contributed to changes within you environment, like construction. There can be a shift in the soil that can cause excess pressure to be put on your pipes. And after a short while, that extra weight can cause your pipes to cave in and burst.
  • Deterioration or Corrision: Especially with older plumbing systems using more outdated materials, such as steel, can experience corrosion after years and years of use. The best way to stay ahead of the curve with this issue is to have regular maintenance scheduled for your plumbing system.
  • Tree Roots: Many are surprised by this cause, but the truth is that it’s one of the most common. By nature, tree roots grow in the direct towards flowing water, even the water flowing through underground pipes in to your home or business. If there happens to be even a small leak, tree roots will seek it out, wrap around that pipe, which causes it to burst.

In any case, if you’re facing a burst pipe issue, be sure that you contact one of our professional plumbers immediately. On Call Plumbing is just one call away providing oeach of our customers with assistance for the regular plumbing problems, as well as emergency plumbing issues. Give us a call anytime at 661-201-6016.