Water Softeners For The Home

Photo of water softeners

Water softeners help your home in many beneficial ways.

Many homes use hard water as the main source for their daily use. Hard water is mineral laden, picking up natural minerals as it travels into and through your pipes. While many purport the health benefits of hard water, it can cause more harm than good to your home in the long run. Due to its nature, hard water can cause corrosion in your plumbing, among other issues. Water softeners work to stop these issues, restoring your water to its best. What can water softeners do for your home?

The Benefits of Water Softeners

#1 Better for Your Appliances

Hard water can significantly shorten the life of your appliances by mineral build up in the appliance itself. Water softeners remove the ability of that mineral content to build up in the system, keeping it from wearing down your appliance parts. This means your appliances, such as your dishwasher and washing machines, can enjoy a long life and won’t require as much repair.

#2 Healthier Plumbing System

The minerals within hard water can build up in your pipes. While this in itself is harmful, it can cause a bigger problem by causing wear and corrosion. Instead of a pipe cleaning, you may find yourself needing to have full plumbing replacement! Water softener’s reduction of minerals in your water will prevent corrosion.

#3 Easier Water Heating

Hard water’s mineral content makes it harder for your water heater to heat it. Softened water has less or no minerals, meaning it can heat quicker. This means that you no longer have to wait as long for hot water for cleaning or baths.

#4 Cleaner Dishes and Clothes

Minerals in hard water prevent soap from foaming and bonding correctly. This is evidenced as a soapy scum on top of the water you use. This also means that your dishes and clothes are less clean with hard water. Water softener allows your soap to work as intended.

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