What is a Backflow Prevention Valve?

dirty water comes out of a sink due to backflow

A Backflow Prevention Valve Keeps Sewer and Water Lines From Crossing

Commercial buildings and industrial roofing often deal with high heat and chemicals, so if these toxins get in your water supply, it can make employees sick. One way to prevent cross contamination from happening is by getting a backflow prevention valve installed in your Santa Claria, CA building. A backflow prevention valve helps to keep the main water line and sewer lines separated so they do not mix together. Fertilizers, chlorine, human waste, and more pollutants can enter your water stream in a process called backflow. Backflow is when contaminated water flows into a building instead of out of it. If you think you have backflow problems in your building but are unsure, you can call a plumber to perform backflow testing. For backflow prevention valve installation in Santa Clarita, CA, call On Call Plumbing at 661-201-6016 today.

How To Tell If You Need Backflow Testing

  • The most obvious sign of backflow is if you notice discolored water. This is because your main water line has either become crossed with the sewer line or there is a leak in the water line that is allowing outside contaminants in. if you are in a commercial or industrial building that uses chemicals, this is dangerous as toxins can enter the water supply.
  • Multiple clogged drains will occur if sewage is being pushed up the water line. Another indicator of backflow is if your clogged drains start bubbling when water tries to pass through.
  • If you are having low water pressure, a phenomenon called siphoning can happen where the water pressure drops suddenly to create a vacuum, eventually spurting everything back up.