What Causes Clogged Drains?

We’ve all experienced that nasty moment of when your shower turns into a bath because the water won’t drain. It is because the drain is clogged. But not all drains are in showers and not all clogs are from hair. So what causes clogged drains?

Grease buildup

Things like grease, cooking oil, sediment, shampoo, and soap can, over time, create a film inside pipes, making it harder for water to pass through. Clog removal options like drain cleaning, snaking, or hydro jetting can help to remove all that buildup and make pipes seem like new again.

Our Plumbers Can Help You With Your Clogged Drain Problems


Daily grooming, shaving, or showering is going to result in a loss of hair. If you do it over the sink or in the shower, the hair goes down the drain, eventually accumulating too much that water cannot pass through. It is usually very easy to remove by yourself, but if hair has formed a clog further down the pipes, a plumber is needed to fish it out.

Food remains

Can’t remember which foods are supposed to be thrown away and which can go down the garbage disposal? A lot of other people can’t either, resulting in clogs and backup in kitchen sinks.

Insoluble products

Diapers, feminine hygiene products, paper towels, QTips, and floss are commonly flushed down the toilet or sink when they should be thrown away in the trash. Even products that you think can be flushed like quilted toilet paper or wet wipes cannot be dissolved and clog the toilet. Read instructions on these products’ packets carefully to see what can and cannot be flushed in the toilet.

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