Signs You Need Water Treatment

Clean water is a critical part of your every day. However, contaminants can seep into your home’s water supply and endanger your home. Thankfully, most signs of contamination are easy to spot. If you’re wondering if you need water treatment, all you need to do is follow your senses.


A Faucet with Brown Water

Install a Filtration System To Prevent Water Like This. Gross!

Colorful water is not something you want from your tap or refrigerator. Brown or red stains around your sinks and tubs can indicate a buildup of iron in your water supply. Yellowed water often indicates acidic content from decayed plants or vegetation has entered your pipes. If you see any of these colors in your water, you need to reach out to a water treatment specialists immediately.


Chemicals like chlorine or detergents can leave residue in your water and eventually contaminate your system. While chlorine is commonly used as a water system cleaner, excessive amounts can be harmful. If your water reeks of chlorine or has another strong chemical smell, it may be time to have a carbon filter installed. Contact a specialist for a consultation.


Broken pipes or simple erosion can allow dirt, sand, and silt to bleed into your water system. While other minerals may be acceptable in your water, these particles are not. Talk to a treatment specialist to see if your pipes need replacement or if a simple filter install will do.

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