How to Prevent Frozen Pipes

Frozen Pipes

As Water Freezes, It Will Expand to Burst Pipes.

Freezing winter weather can leave a home afflicted with frozen pipes. In order to avoid this annoyance and the costly repairs it brings, practice a few preventative strategies. First, you should know where exactly the problems lie. Any exposed pipes in unheated areas have the potential to freeze. This includes pipes in a crawl space, those located in exterior walls, and any plumbing that appears outside of your home.

Drain and Disconnect Your Hose

Frozen water hoses can create a problem, as they will contribute to the freezing of water further up the pipes. Since most yards do not require watering throughout the winter, simply disconnect your hose and ensure it has been emptied of water.

Insulate and Drip Spigots

Outdoor spigots represent another easy area for the cold to affect. If your spigots lack insulation, wrap them in protective material for the winter. In anticipation of particularly hard freezes, you can set your outdoor spigots to drip. The simple passage of water through your pipes will often prevent a freeze.

Install More Insulation

Perhaps the most damaging results of frozen pipes occur when those in your walls burst. This can create extensive damage, and creates the conditions necessary for the growth of mold. If you have problems with frozen pipes in your walls, you probably have inadequate insulation. The installation of more will not only protect your pipes, it will also lower your monthly energy bills.

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