Repiping Your Home

Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever and that includes the piping in your home. Over many years of wear and tear, your home’s piping will get worn out just like with anything that is used daily. The key is to know how long it has been since things like sewer lines and piping systems were first put in so that you will know if it is even remotely time to think about getting them repiped. You should also know what kind of pipes were used under your home because that will make a difference in how long they last as well. If you live in a new home this is probably not something you will have to deal with, but if you have moved into an older home that has been around since the 20’s or 30’s, you will need to pay attention and ask questions about the last time the piping system was replaced. If you don’t ask questions, no one will tell you and then you will be the one that it stuck with a $10-20 thousand dollar bill to get it repiped.

Time Limits On Your Pipes

Drain Lines are commonly made of cast iron or PVC. It will make a big difference in what is used on your home because cast iron drain lines can and will last between 80-100 years, where PVC drain lines will last between 25-40 years.

Supply Lines are what your water flows through constantly. These lines are made of brass, copper, and galvanized steel. All lasting around 70-100 years.

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